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At the heart of CETANA is an artistic team of accomplished hair stylists and new talent stylists. They operate as a unit and tailor their craft to individual hair needs, because fundamentally they understand everyone is perfectly unique.  To derive inspiration, our team engages in editorial projects which have netted an impressive portfolio of creativity, ingenuity and originality.


Our New Talent Stylists are required to participate in a rigorous advanced training program focused on building a proficient, comprehensive foundation in cut and coloring techniques, under the supervision of Master Stylists. The program ensures the quality of their service is at a par with that of their senior counterparts. As an added benefit, our guests get to experience exceptional services at a lower introductory price.


At Cetana, we believe education is a long life journey. Hence, education is a primary tenet of our development and is what defines us as a best rated hair salon  in San Francisco and internationally. Each Stylist is required to further their expertise through in-house advanced workshops and through courses taught by industry leaders at Advanced Haircutting and Color Academies. Effectively empowering them with the tools and methods to deliver exceptional results and a one of kind experience.

  • Guaranteed Income

  • Competitive Wages

  • Retail commission

  • Health insurance

  • Paid Sick Days

  • All supplies included

  • All laundry included

  • Flex schedule

  • Complete guest handling

  • 100% front desk support

  • Complete team support

  • High end environment

  • Growth opportunities

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